ABF BOWDENTECHNIKA Ltd. in the current form was established in 1990 by Mr. István Bencze as the successor of his previous enterprise. The company is 100% privately owned. The members of the Bencze family not only own the enterprise but actively participate in the management. Until 1998 the main activity of the company was manufacturing spare parts for passenger cars and utility vehicles made in Eastern- Europe.

Main activity of the company:
Manufacturing of first built mechanical control cables and their components for automotive and aerospace industry. Components not manufactured by us are purchased from reliable certified suppliers. 

Used technologies during manufacturing process:
•    Pressing
•    Zinc die casting
•    Plastic injection moulding
•    Plastic extrusion

Design and manufacturing of tooling and small customised machines is done in house. We are ready to participate in product development from customer requirements until serial deliveries. Software used in product development is Unigraphics NX7 capable of exchanging data with all current design software.

Our company is familiar with and using IMDS (International Material Database System) EDI (Electronic Data Interface) and barcode labelling systems on a daily basis. The company utilises enterprise management systems Clipper and Cobra.
Mechanical control cables supplied by our company meet the highest quality requirements, which testified by winning of number of quality awards and supplier of the year title.

The most important events during last years:

January 1993            Licence and technical corporate agreement with NIPPON CABLE SYSTEM (TSK)

November 1993       Company became supplier of Magyar Suzuki Corporation

December 1998       Finish manufacturing of spare parts

December 1999       Quality award of Magyar Suzuki Corporation for results of 1999

January 2000            Supplier of General Motors (OPEL Polska)

March 2003               Quality award of Magyar Suzuki Corporation for performance of 2002

May 2003                   Supplier of the year 2002 of SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION

March 2004               Quality award of Magyar Suzuki Corporation for performance of 2003

We are intent on improving our relations with professional organisations continuously. For this reason our company is one of the founders of the Association of the Hungarian Vehicle Component Manufacturers.

During the realisation of our strategy we follow with attention the market processes trends and based on the evaluation we take decisions regarding the future. As a result of this we started manufacturing mechanical control cables for aerospace industry.